Psychotherapy101 is a resource website for mental health professionals. It aims to bridge the gap between popular science websites, and academic articles. All our resources aim to be clear, concise, backed by theory and providing you with tools that are immediately applicable in your work.

We value lived experience as well as authenticity and share our own experiences/insecurities in our articles. Our resources aim to be inclusive and challenge problematic situations in mental health care regarding LGBTQIA+ identities, people of color, disability, social justice issues, … We don’t presume to have all the answers, but hope to create more awareness and nuanced/constructive discussions regarding these subjects.

Disclaimer: Our resources are meant for people who have received training (or are still training) in mental health fields. We assume you have enough background knowledge to use the proved tools responsibly in working with clients.


Gaëlle de Craene – Creator of Psychotherapy101

MSc Clinical Psychology – PG Client-Centered Therapy (in training) (She/Her) www.gaelledecraene.com

One day I was looking for resources that explained certain therapeutic techniques in plain language. It really surprised me that these hardly seemed to exist. So I decided to create Psychotherapy101 to provide more of these resources. Not only regarding theoretical subjects, but also to start conversations on social justice issues in therapy, and promote more self-care in my field.

I also work in a private group practice and a government funded out-patient center in Belgium. Here I see people with a diversity of issues, and I specialize in helping transgender clients.

My key traits as a therapist are: authenticity, lived experience and humor.

Picture of Gaëlle

Travel enthousiast // Geek // Animal lover

Sasha McBean – Blogger

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Applied Behavioural Analyst (She/Her) www.healinghandscounselling.co.uk

I am Sasha a dynamic, vibrant, healing and passionate being. I will be blogging for Psychotherapy 101 on a range of sociopolitical matters and Psychotherapy. I am an empathic and intuitive individual with a wealth of experience. You can expect interesting and thought provoking articles from me.⁠
I am an advocate for Human Unity, welcoming spirituality & diversity into Psychotherapy, empowering individuals and raising our collective consciousness. ⁠
Alongside running my private practice Healing Hands Counselling I support individuals with a diagnosis/label/who self identify as autistic. I have also embarked designing t-shirts that are expression of self care and preservation.⁠

Elyssa Rice – Blogger

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (She/Her) www.healingwithelyssa.com

My name is Elyssa Rice and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in kink and alternative relationship structures. I am also a doctoral candidate pursuing my PhD in Clinical Sexology and a contributing writer for Kink Weekly and Psychology Today. ⁠
In my Los Angeles based private practice, I take a mixed approach and try to create a space that is safe, warm and free of judgement. My style may be a bit eclectic and I am not one to shy away from the occasional (or not so occasional) curse word, but I am passionate about what I do and believe that quality, honest, and deep work can be life changing.⁠
I am thrilled to be a part of this project and looking forward to creating sex related content that is both informational and digestible. It is a privilege to do empowerment work and I hope that through my involvement in this project, I can spread even more positivity and love.⁠

An Molenberghs – Blogger

MSc Clinical Psychology – PG Psychodynamic therapy (She/Her) 

I’m An, a child & adolescent psychologist currently specialising in psychodynamic (play)therapy. I work in a mental healthcare center in Antwerp, Belgium where I see with children that have experienced severe childhood trauma. Working with their parents and nursing contexts is a big part of my work. We take time and try to create new ways of relating to each other and coping with stress. It is my aim to disrupt the strong intergenerational transmission of trauma and violence.⁠

Taking a developmental approach, playfulness and creating mentalising contexts around children, characterize me as a therapist.⁠

To me blogging for Psychotherapy101 signifies inspiring other therapists and getting inspired to sharpen my own therapeutic thought processes. Keeping my blogs short will definitely be my biggest challenge, as I like to search for the right words to nuance a concept.⁠

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Water person // Yogi // Plant lover

Dana Swann – Blogger

PACFA Registered Counsellor (They/Them She/Her) 

I’m a trauma-informed, integrative PACFA Registered Counsellor in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. I am deeply passionate about intersectional mental health and draw upon lived experience within these intersections to inform my practice. I am Autistic, have ADHD, and live in recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder as well as being a mixed race Black, queer, non-binary individual. I apply an existential and somatic lens atop a mixed modality approach in order to phenomenologically support clients in their experience of becoming unmasked, unashamed, boldly authentic versions of themselves. In addition to my private practice, I volunteer with various music festivals to the provide safe spaces for patrons using a non-judgemental harm reduction framework; and co-facilitate a peer-based anxiety support group for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am also a trainee Meditation teacher and am slowly chipping away at a Master of Social Work degree.

I am so excited to be a part of this project and am honoured to be given a platform where I can do my part to contribute toward more inclusivity & accessibility in mental health practices. I look forward to sharing content that connects theoretical information to lived experience and dispelling some of the myths and mystery that continue to surround the Neurodivergent community.